Climbkhana to Feature Ken Block Drifting Hoonicorn v2 up Pikes Peak

1,400 horsepower will take on 14,000 feet

1,400 horsepower will take on 14,000 feet

Last week, Ken Block and his team of professional hooligans teased an upcoming project using its version 2 Hoonicorn. The car features 1,400 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged Roush Yates V-8 racing engine that’s supplemented with methanol.

In short, it’s a beast beyond our wildest imagination. We wish it was ours, although, we’d probably shoot off the side of a highway before we’d click into second. At the time, little info as to why Block and Hoonigan created this monster was provided. We were just teased that it would involve altitude and many, many Toyo tires. Now, we have our answer. Ken Block is heading to Pikes Peak for the next iteration of the Gymkhana series, Climbkhana.

In the trailer for the full video, we see Block and the Hoonicorn V2 speeding up the historic hill-climb, but unlike most other competitors that head to the mountain, he isn’t looking to set a lap time, or even take a normal racing line. He’s going to slay tires. This is shaping up to be one of the best videos Block and team has ever produced.

In the first few moments of the teaser trailer, the sonic vibrations from the Hoonicorn’s twin-turbocharged V-8 can almost be felt through the screen, and there was more than a couple times in the 42-second clip where Block gets uncomfortably close to the edge. And if sliding up Pikes Peak wasn’t enough, 20 seconds into the video Block can be seen sliding around a hovering helicopter in one of the road’s few parking lots.

Here’s where it gets a bit sad. Block’s Climbkhana won’t debut until Summer 2017. Why? We have no idea. Though we have an excruciatingly long wait ahead, we’ll bring you the video as soon as it drops. For now, enjoy the action-packed trailer below.