Callaway AeroWagen Corvette Revealed in the Sheetmetal

The long-roof 'Vette is finally here

The long-roof 'Vette is finally here

Between the new BMW 5 Series Touring and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon, this week has been dominated by long roof cars with high horsepower. Now, another wagon is here to play, the long-gestating Corvette Callaway AeroWagen and it looks like the best of the bunch.

It’s been four full years since we first saw the Callaway AeroWagen concept. And like the day Callaway introduced it, the coach built rear half has us weak in the knees. Based on the newest-generation Chevrolet Corvette — the C7 — the Callaway AeroWagen aligns itself more with a shooting brake and less with a wagon as the Corvette’s door count hasn’t risen.

Callaway Corvette AeroWagen Rear

Now stretching from the Corvette’s T-tops, the roof and hatch cut a line straight out until the end of the car’s bumper and are built out of lightweight carbon fiber that will likely increase the car’s overall rigidity. In essence, Callaway built a truck-like bed box for the Corvette, except done so that it looks factory and won’t fall off in a strong wind. The entire piece was engineered in-house and built at Callaway’s carbon fiber facility in Santa Ana, Calif.

For those wanting their own Callaway AeroWagen, the company says that it’s designed to fit any C7-generation Corvette, including the Z06 and Grand Sport, and starts at $14,990 USD. For those wanting the hatch already painted and matched to their car, that’s an extra $2,980 USD. If you add the AeroSpoiler with it, then tack on an additional $1,995 USD for a grand total of $19,965 USD.

Recently, the Callaway AeroWagen hit Chuckwalla Valley Raceway’s track to film a spot for an upcoming Mothers commercial, and from the pictures it looks pretty striking. The car will be officially unveiled at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., on April 27 as part of its annual Michelin-sponsored celebration.

Source: Callaway Cars

Callaway Corvette AeroWagen Hood