Long Term Update 4: 2007 Kia Rondo

“So quiet at idle, it feels almost like an electric,” claims copy chief Jacqueline Manfredi. If it actually were, it might rack up more miles (we tend to like novelties); but as such, it’s only accumulated around 14,000 in nine months, lower than usual.

Still, as Manfredi notes, there’s much to like with the Rondo: “The interior is efficient and gracious. My stuff fits where it belongs, and the seats are comfy. In fact, it conveys a sense of roominess that’s a surprise. While it’s not a powerhouse, it can accelerate into a lane opening with aplomb. It has one of the easiest to use hatches of my experience-not heavy to lift and with a grabber right where it needs to be. Plus, those racks on top make it look almost cool. I could totally live with this thing.”

2007 Kia Rondo
Months/miles in service 9/13,993
Avg econ/CO2 19.5 mpg/0.99 lb/mi
Unresolved problems None
Maintenance cost $95.13 (oil change/inspection/rotate tires)
Normal-wear cost $0
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